We Pamper Your Pets

salem inn pet friendly policy

Dogs deserve a vacation too! We welcome them to join us at the Salem Inn's West House, the largest of our three historic buildings. Your pets will sleep comfortably on their own luxurious bed (unless you like to share), and enjoy a complimentary treat on their pillow upon arrival.






The Salem Inn's Pet Policy

Your fury, four-legged, friends are all welcome to sit, stay and lay down at the Salem Inn, but please note, while Spot loves a good whirlpool bath, that, and a few other things go against our policy:

salem inn dog friendly
  • We recommend well-behaved dogs only. If Spot decides to throw a party, it is you, the owner who will be responsible for any damage to the room, historic furniture, or other amenities.

  • Our housekeeping staff is happy to clean your room, however, it is a little hard when Spot is riding the vacuum or trying to make a great escape. So please, all dogs must be in carriers during time of cleaning.

  • Sorry, no whirlpool time for Spot. Dogs should not be bathed in the hotel.

  • While we love dogs, and rejoice when one runs up to tackle us to the ground with kisses, not everyone feels the same. So out of respect for everyone, dogs must be kept on leashes while at the hotel.

  • No begging. Your dogs are cute and if they beg, we'll feed them and if we feed them, they’ll get chubby and if they get chubby, you’ll blame us. It will be mess. Dogs are not permitted in the Courtyard or Breakfast Room; these areas are strictly to feed the humans only.
  • When it comes to your dog’s doody, it’s your duty to clean it up. And good news, your dogs have their own bathroom! And what we mean by that is dogs may only do their business in designated areas outside of the hotel.

  • By proceeding with check-in, you acknowledge that you accept these policies.

There is a $20 fee per pet, per night. Up to three pets are permitted per room.