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C13 - The Ropes Room

The Ropes Mansion, now part of the Peabody Essex Museum, is located just across the street at 318 Essex Street. The house was built for Samuel Barnard, another well-known Salem merchant. The house was purchased by Judge Nathaniel Ropes Jr. in 1768 and was inhabited by the Ropes family until 1907.

C22 - The East Indies Room

Trade with the East Indies helped propel Salem’s stature as one of the richest ports in the New World. To this day, the city’s official motto, in Latin, is "Divitis Indiae usque ad ultimum sinum," which translates "To the East Indies until the last lap."

C23 - The Bowditch Room

Salem’s Nathaniel Bowditch was born in 1773. He was an early American mathematician who pioneered modern ocean navigation. His book, the New American Practical Navigator, published in 1802, is carried onboard every commissioned U.S. naval vessel to this day.